about birdie's heart

birdie was delivered 5 weeks early. the doctors said they were going to helicopter her to a more extensive care hospital as soon as she was born. birdie had other plans. birdie was born wide eyed with a voice like none other. she did not take a helicopter ride that day, instead she came home 2 days later, fully ready to take on the world.

we knew birdie had a little extra sparkle in her, unlike anything we'd ever been privilege to. 

she always had the kindest heart from the start. she'd always find the one at the park who others cast off and announce they were her new best friend. you'd take her into a nursing home, and she'd become everyone's special grandchild that they'd been waiting so patiently for to brighten their world. 

she relates to all humans. her empathy is unlike a person her age, and for that matter of any age.

she feels things deeply. she is a thinker. and most importantly, she is a giver. $7 from each purchase will be donated to humble acts of the heart. visit humble&heart onsociety supporting our educators needs.

humble and heart is her. she is the sweetest soul. she just wants others to be kind and helpful. it's that simple to her. seek joy, have heart and be humble.

join birdie on her humble journey, she wants to touch as many lives as possible, she wants to create art and she wants to give back.

we are asking for your support. most importantly we're asking for your kindness, we're asking you to start a humble & heart movement. we'd love if you'd purchase a necklace, but most importantly we'd love if you'd support birdie by doing humble heart work in your community. give of yourself freely, and do it without someone seeing, that is how birdie lives, humble & heart....have and be.